About Us

Ken Darden, owner of 23 fitness, has a dream...
“To break through the barriers that keep people of all ages from being the best them they can be.” 

Ken knows this from personal experience. After playing High School football he never dreamed he would play college ball. Why?  He saw himself mentally, where he currently was physically; the 5’10” 165 lb kid. Playing college ball was the furthest thing from his mind. That all changed when his brother bought him a gym membership. Going into the gym was the first step. While there he felt so out of place as he didn’t fit into the culture of muscular fit persona that one thinks of when they think of a gym.  Someone noticed him and began to encourage him as well as teach him how to use the equipment. Knowing what to do, how to use the equipment was equally intimidating.  Taking the first step is the toughest but there’s a natural momentum available . Within one year Ken grew to 6’1” 187 lbs. (No the gym won't make you taller; he was still in his growing years)  Even after this he still had a mental stigma of himself as the skinny young man. He decided to join the United State AirForce. Within a short time later he was 6’3” 225 lbs and became interested in power-lifting.  In 1991 he walked on to the University of Houston football team. 

Getting to play college ball was great but what was most gratifying is people he was privileged to help along the way.  At the gym, When he noticed people who didn’t “fit into the gym culture”, he immediately became their protector, educator and encourager.  Knowing what to do, how to use the equipment is intimidating but vital to your success.  His heart is as big as he is for all people, regardless of background, fitness level or disability.



Like Ken, the greatest challenge most of us face, is the labels put on us early in life that have defined who we are as well as what we are capable of becoming. If you don’t feel well physically it affects all areas of life by affecting emotional as well as spiritual well being.  Because of this challenge Ken started 23 Fitness out of his garage in 2005 to bring wholeness to people.  Selling fitness equipment is the staple of the business however he doesn’t believe in selling you a piece of equipment that isn’t appropriate for your or that you don’t fully understand.  

Kens heart is for people of all ages starting in childhood to an older adult. Choosing to take the first step is all you need to transition your life.      There are many diet gimmicks out there that promise results of exercise & eating correctly without ever changing the mental picture one has of themselves.  They offer short term quick fixes at best but normally have no positive effect at all.  Well, except its become a multi-billion dollar industry built on the backs of people who are really reaching out to be all they can be. 


We offer 1 on 1 fitness training, personalized attention that will transform you one step at a time.  The cost is minimal compared to other personal coaching as Ken vowed to make fitness affordable to all. 

Try it before you buy it.  Ken will give expert advice on which equipment is best suited for you and teach you how to use it; so that it doesn’t end up in the back room collecting dust.  You may come in to just purchase equipment or take advantage of personal coaching option.  The first session is free of charge and open to all people. Its time to breakthrough and we are here to help!           


We also offer a generous trade in program. When you’ve outgrown the equipment you purchased you can trade it in for an upgrade.  Ask us how this program works. 


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