Reebok - Step Core Trainer

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The board combines the benefits of aerobics, yoga and strength training for total body conditioning. Two different resistant levels accommodate everyone from beginners to fitness pros. Beginners can start with the highest resistance and gradually progress as muscle stability and strength increases. Advance users can take advantage of lower resistance and higher intensity. Enhances mobility, balance, flexibility and coordination. Tones and firms muscles. Improves athletic performance. Provides a time-efficient, total-body workout. Constantly changing workouts adds variety and greater workout intensity for better results.



  • Tilts, rocks and swivels in all directions
  • Unique recoil design responds dynamically to the user's movements
  • Move to one side and the recoil action pushes you back in the opposite direction
  • Unit dimensions: 20”L x 27.5”W x 6.5”H
  • Unit weight: 25LB
  • Ship dimensions: 22”L x 29”W x 10”H
  • Ship weight: 30LB
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